Family video games – Christmas 2014 buyer’s guide


2014 has seen the video game business continue to go from strength to strength.  With consoles such as Sony’s Playstation 4 having sold over 15 million units more and more family homes are making use of these to provide family entertainment.

video game buying guide

Video games provide a great activity for children and their families to enjoy sharing at home but many are not suitable for younger gamers.  Despite various aged certification on game boxes children are frequently being exposed to games that are not suitable for them to play.  What games are children allowed to play and which ones are they likely to want to play?

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Nintendo Kids Club and Nintendo Extra


Nintendo has recently launched a couple of new websites with children in mind; Nintendo Kids Club and Nintendo Extra.

nintendo kids club1nintendo extra1

Nintendo Kids Club is a site built entirely for children to enjoy. It’s packed with games, puzzles, colouring, craft activities and the “Cat Mario Show”.

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Nintendo 2DS impressions


Last week I received a Nintendo 2DS.  It’s a handheld gaming console, very similar in style to the 3DS but offered without the ability to display games in 3D, hence a smaller price tag.  Every 3DS game works on the 2DS, it is a budget version of the more popular 3DS.

The device is well built and feels solid to hold and use.  My 2 year old has got hold of it a couple of times and I have at no point felt concerned that she could break or damage it.


The user interface is wonderfully straightforward to use, packing a lot of information and options into a small space.  The two screens are really well utilised in the menus and allow you to find whatever you want quickly and easily.

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