Secret baking today?


Moo and Mummy have been working hard in the kitchen this morning on a “secret” project.

What should I make of these mysterious goings on?  It is my Birthday tomorrow so fingers crossed I’m in for a delicious treat!?!

IMG_8381aMummy was not quite as messy as this after the baking.


What does a “magic” cake look like?


Next week it’s my eldest daughter, Ophelia’s, 2nd Birthday party.  We are busy, my wife certainly is, preparing for the big day and has had a great time shopping for presents for the little lady.

We have however a problem, or at least a challenge has been given to us by Ophelia.  Whenever we have ever asked her, “What sort of Birthday cake would you like?”, she replies with a huge smile; “Magic”.

We were expecting Dinosaurs, Peppa Pig, Tangled or something from Frozen, but not Magic.  What does a magic cake look like?

So this week then we have been tasked with producing a Birthday cake that somehow represents the notion of magic.  Thankfully my wife has taken the lead on this (following a disastrous attempt last year to make a Little Miss Sunshine cake) and has begun the planning and preparation.  Below are photos of bunnies, stars and playing cards, all edible of course!  Fingers crossed the rest of the week will go well and I’ll be able to add updated photos of our progress.

As a brief footnote; I had suggested adding popping candy into the cake for that “magic” sensation when biting into it.  My wife has baked the cakes this afternoon and has ensured the mix did not contain any.