Geometry Wars 3 is out today!!!


This looks amazing!

So far one of the Playstation 4’s best games was Resogun, a similar style game to the Geometry Wars Series.  Will this prove to be a better game?


That Dragon Cancer – An adventure game unlike any other


That Dragon Cancer is a video game unlike any other.  The game is an indie title that has been made by a family who have 4 sons, one of whom battled terminal cancer for several years.

The game tells the family’s story and in particular their experiences in dealing with Joel, their son’s, illness.

It is advertised as “A videogame developer’s love letter to his son; an adventure game to inspire us to love each other; a voice for those fighting cancer.

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Open world action-adventure game face off


This Month has seen the release of a number of BIG games.  Titles such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, Super Smash Bros and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be popular on plenty of people’s Christmas lists.

Games featuring “open worlds” are growing dramatically in popularity.  They afford their players large worlds to explore, enjoy and usually offer a hours of content.  Of the various genres of open world titles that are available it’s the action adventure titles traditionally attract the most sales.


This Christmas the most popular of these open world action-adventure games are Assassins Creed: Unity, Grand Theft Auto V and Far Cry 4.

The question is, if you’re a fan, which one of these is the game for you to spend hours exploring.

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The trauma of seeing Father Christmas


During the past week Moo has started talking about Christmas. We don’t know where she’s got the information from (she’s only 2 so we presume she can’t remember from last year) but it’s now very much on her mind.


“Father Christmas down chimney bring presents”, “give him beer, reindeer eat carrots” and “Father Christmas says Ho, Ho, Ho.” are just some of the gems she comes out with.

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Review: Jam Audio Bluetooth shower speaker


Singing in the shower is all well and good but wouldn’t it be better with some backing vocals and the actual music!  Jam Audio’s Bluetooth shower speakers could well be just what you need.


The speaker has several buttons on it that are all covered with rubber to prevent water getting inside.  The buttons allow you to turn the speaker on and off, raise or lower the volume and skip tracks without having to leave the safety of your shower.

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