Festive tasting day? Er, yes please!


Last month we had an incredible time at Ellenden Farm for their Apple day.

ellenden farm tasting day

We took a tractor and trailer ride to the orchard, picked our own apples and watched them being squashed up into incredibly delicious apple juice to take home and enjoy.

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Day out review: Cotswold Farm Park


We’ve had a fantastic time at Cotswold Farm Park today. The sun was shining, the animals were happy and we had a buy one get one free voucher to get in.


It really is a fantastic place to visit, there’s an awful lot to do there and the whole place is really nicely run and well presented. My only real compliant is the price (£9 adult, £8 children).

Unfortunately at the moment it feels all to often that most places that we go for days out have a pricing structure that either relies on people using vouchers to pay or strongly encourages then to buy year long passes add they don’t tend to cost to much more than a day pass.


The animals at Cotswold Farm Park are varied and they have a very strong focus on child interaction with the animals which we really enjoyed. Outside there are lots of animals to feed and stroke and inside there is a special barn with chicks, ducklings and rabbits to hold.


The weather was wonderful today but if it was wet it is not somewhere I would want to visit.

As well as the animals there are numerous play areas and 2 huge inflatables for the kids to jump on. There is a farm safari (tractor and trailer) that provides an insightful tour of the farm. Indoors there are small tractors to drive on a little track.  Basically there is an awful lot to do, if you don’t rush you could easily have a full day out there.


It’s definitely somewhere we’ll visit again.