Baby in motion



I so, so wish I could draw like this!



Turn your children or class into Superheroes


Last week in school I turned my class into Superheroes for a display showing off their “super work”.

I drew large blank pictures of Superheroes poses.  The children coloured in the costumes, cut them out and then we stuck oversized photos of their heads onto the poses to complete the Super look.  They look amazing!  They could be of use to other teachers or to parents needing a simple rainy day activity.

Please find attached a PDF of the blanks to be coloured in: superhero blanks

There are 7 poses in all.


Tangled drawing


The girls are out for a few hours this morning so I thought I’d have a bit of quiet time and draw this from Tangled for O, it’s her favourite at the moment.

She saw me drawing it earlier and really wanted to sit on my lap and watch, which didn’t really work out as I couldn’t see the paper!

tangled drawing sketch

Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi – Game of Thrones


I have recently treated myself to some new pens.  They are Letraset Promarkers and can be bought from here.

I’m still very testing them out, but I was pretty happy with this.  I’m still very much struggling with blending them.  The packs did include some blending pens but I can’t seem to get a single natural blend of colours.  Anyways I’ll keep playing with them and see if I can improve things.

game of thrones 1