50 Shades of Grey – what should men do?


50 Shades of Grey has finally hit cinemas.


All of the women that I work with have been giggling in the staffroom whilst trying to organise various trips to see it, all of them are going with their friends, none of them with husbands!

Where does that leave us men? Generally I go to see films with a group of mates, but I can’t see us going to see 50 Shades as a group.
I’ve been trying to convince my wife to read the book(s) for some time now but she’s refusing to due to the pressure. If she reads them she thinks I’ll be expecting some sort of change in our sexual activity! Unfortunately, she’s got it exactly right!


So ladies, are you keen to see 50 Shades of Grey and if so who will you go and see it with? Men, are any of you going to see it and will you be going with your partners or friends?
I’ve a feeling, successful as it will be at the cinema, it could be seriously huge on DVD!


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