Our heroes in yellow and black – a thank you to the AA


Our car is knackered, possibly totally, hopefully temporarily.  This post is a HUGE thank you to the AA for their help.


This week is half term and with half term comes our regular trips to my parents house in Suffolk.  This school holiday we’ve chosen to combine the trip with a holiday with some friends ending with a wedding that I get the honour of being best man at.  It’s a busy week with several long journeys in and has unfortunately started on day 1, journey 1 with a totally broken car.

Yesterday’s initial journey; we planned to leave home, travel to Cotswold Wildlife park, then drive from there down to Suffolk to my parent’s cottage.
As we approached the Wildlife Park, and I’m talking the final few minutes as we drove up the driveway, the car began shaking!  It felt as though we were about to stall or were going over rough terrain. Upon arrival the car shuddered to an abrupt stop and restarted with a shake and a loud growl.
We telephoned the AA who were with us within 20 minutes! A first huge tick of confidence for the AA.
The engineer had a long and thorough look at the engine and decided that it would need to go to a garage, but being a Saturday this wasn’t going to happen there and then.
We were then offered a choice of having a recovery vehicle take us and the car either back home or on to Suffolk, a 2 1/2 hour journey! We chose the later as the girls have spent the last week talking about little else but cuddling their Nanny and Pops.
Shortly afterwards the Engineer left and I received a further call that a pickup truck wouldn’t be available and so they could offer as a hire car and then get the broken car brought to us within 48 hours.  A slightly better option than getting the girls into the cabs of several tow trucks throughout the course of the afternoon.
A further phonecall advised me that they wouldn’t be able to bring the hire car to us!  But, if I was willing, there was the option of them getting a taxi to come and get me and take me to the car hire company, then I could take the car, collect my family and head on to our destination.
It proved to be an incredibly stressful situation, and still continues to be as we still don’t know the problem with the car but the AA were faultless in their handling of our situation.  It may have felt like a long, arduous day but the AA did such a stunning job of keeping us in the loop at all times.
A huge thank you to everyone at the AA for all of their support in getting us to our destination.
Fingers crossed the car can be fixed without too much trouble, we need to drive down to Kent on Wednesday!


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