The guilt of a busy week


This week I’ve found myself later home from work than normal. Not in any way working late just later than normal. My slightly longer days haven’t been much fun for me but have made a big difference to my daughter.


Yesterday she got upset several times during the day asking for me. Today she had her weekly day at Playgroup and for the first time ever she became upset there too.

After her nap at Playgroup this afternoon she got really upset repeating “Daddy door, Daddy door!”  It took quite some time to calm her down by all accounts. When I arrived to collect her she kept thanking the ladies “Thank you letting Daddy door.”

Her special comfort toy that she only has when she’s having a sleep, Ja Ja, had to be used to help her calm down and was absolutely sodden some 3 hours later.

It’s lovely to be missed but I feel absolutely dreadful that my longer days at work have affected her so much. It’s the first time she has ever been upset at Playgroup, it was not nice to be the reason for this.

It’s so nice to reach the weekend and this week behind me. Unfortunately next week will have another couple of later nights as well the following weeks due to Christmas performances at school.

Work commitments eating into precious family absolutely suck. Working later results in no more pay or perks, it just acts to disrupt my family. Lets hope next year they don’t continue to increase in frequency as they have done recently.


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