Book review: The book with no pictures


Picture books have very much monopolised the market of books for little people.  American author, comedian and screen writer B. J. Novak (of The American Office fame) is releasing a book for small children that breaks the convention of traditional children’s books with “The book with no pictures.”


The book with no pictures is just as it’s title suggests, a book with no pictures.  This is potentially a hard sell to young children and early readers but the book is more than just words on a page.

The book challenges the person reading it (an adult to a small child) with the proposition that due to the lack of images they must read everything on it’s pages.


Once this initial law is in place the book begins forcing it’s reader to read nonsense words, proclaim they are a monkey who taught themselves to read and builds towards grand announcements about child they are sharing it with and bizarre words/noises that must be blurted out.

The book is a wonderful idea and with the right audience will be a huge hit.  Despite it’s lack of pictures it is still cleverly presented with interesting, colourful fonts to grab everyone’s attention.


The book with no pictures is a welcome break from the norm in the ever expanding marketplace of children’s (picture) books.

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