The trauma of seeing Father Christmas


During the past week Moo has started talking about Christmas. We don’t know where she’s got the information from (she’s only 2 so we presume she can’t remember from last year) but it’s now very much on her mind.


“Father Christmas down chimney bring presents”, “give him beer, reindeer eat carrots” and “Father Christmas says Ho, Ho, Ho.” are just some of the gems she comes out with.

This morning she’s been wrapping up dinosaurs in her pants and giving them to people to open as presents and is already getting a thrill of giving presents.

Today we took her to see Father Christmas for the first time this year. She was very excited, reminding us time and time again of all of her stock information about Santa.


However upon entering the grotto she began screaming. Lovely as Father Christmas was she was absolutely terrified of him. She promptly buried herself in her Nanny’s coat and begged to leave. Her little sister on the other hand, as she always does, sat and smiled, totally unaware of where she was and what was going on.

Whilst walking around after her meeting she was telling everyone who would listen “don’t like Father Christmas”. What a sad thing to hear your child say in the run up to Christmas.


Thankfully since coming home she has begun taking about all of her off favourite facts about Santa. We’re now thinking we should not take her to see him again this year and have a month to continue to get him back in favour with her before the big day.

Our greatest fear is that she’ll be scared of him coming on Christmas Eve.

How do your children feel about seeing Father Christmas? Has anyone else dealt with a child who was afraid of him?


3 thoughts on “The trauma of seeing Father Christmas

  1. Mine just turned 5 and is still terrified. We went to a mall the other day and he saw the Santa’s Village they’d set up. I asked him if he wanted to have a look and that he didn’t have to go inside. We’d already broken the news to him last year that there is no Santa and it was just a fun story we told around Christmas time. This was after he was traumatized by Santa’s visit to his class. He simply didn’t get why it was okay to have this man come into our house in the middle of the night while we were sleeping, regardless of what he was here to do. So I thought this year might be easier in light of the fact that he knew this was all made up. It wasn’t. He begged me to leave and made me walk all the way around the mall to completely avoid the whole village scene.


    • Poor little guy. It’s a very sensible fear to have to be honest it just feels like such a shame at the moment.
      She loves the idea of Father Christmas so much but the reality of it is too much for her at the moment.
      She was asking last night if he comes into her blanket! We’re definitely leaving the stocking by the fireplace, not at the end of her bed.

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      • Oh boy. I can totally relate, really. I mean some kids will try hard to rationalize and make sense out of the things we tell them, and some things are more about magic than ‘sense’. But when you really think about the whole Santa story, and how he goes about delivering all those gifts in one night, and why on earth he would go down the chimney, and in the middle of the night when you’re asleep… yeah, it’s scary. And I figured with my child, if the magic is not there, then it’s really not worth it. I hope you’re daughter manages to get over the fear to enjoy the magic!


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