Review: Jam Audio Bluetooth shower speaker


Singing in the shower is all well and good but wouldn’t it be better with some backing vocals and the actual music!  Jam Audio’s Bluetooth shower speakers could well be just what you need.


The speaker has several buttons on it that are all covered with rubber to prevent water getting inside.  The buttons allow you to turn the speaker on and off, raise or lower the volume and skip tracks without having to leave the safety of your shower.

The speaker can also be “controlled” to a certain extent from the device that is broadcasting the music, changing track and volume instantly.  It cannot be turned on and off from a device, only from the speaker itself.


The audio quality is really good.  I was highly sceptical of the quality sound that it would produce given it’s size and it’s protective, hard plastic case but I’ve been very impressed.  Even turning the volume up really high and it produces really nice sounding tunes.

My only real gripe with the speaker is the awful sound it makes when you turn it on and off.  It sounds like a lazer from a cheap 70s movie and is uncomfortably loud.  This sound frequently prevents me from using it as I shower whilst the family is asleep and would love to listen to some pleasant tunes in the morning, but if I were to turn it on everyone would think Flash Gordon was about to blast into their bedrooms!

All in all though, and small complaint aside, this is a solid, nice sounding speaker that allows you to enjoy your music in the shower, without fear of electrocution.

Thanks to Jam Audio


2 thoughts on “Review: Jam Audio Bluetooth shower speaker

  1. I’ve got the regular speaker from Jam and think they’re great too..but I think I could do with these waterproof version! If only we had a waterproof phone / ipod so that we could choose our tracks to play when we’re inside the shower.

    Or then again…is that a microphone I see in the background in your first picture?! 😉


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