Festive tasting day? Er, yes please!


Last month we had an incredible time at Ellenden Farm for their Apple day.

ellenden farm tasting day

We took a tractor and trailer ride to the orchard, picked our own apples and watched them being squashed up into incredibly delicious apple juice to take home and enjoy.

This week another event is being held at the Farm, this time it’s a Festive Tasting Day.

Ellenden tasting day

It’s worth quickly pointing out here that last time we visited we did have a burger from their BBQ and it was incredible.  A whole tasting day is almost too much!!!

The day runs from 11am-3pm and includes treats such as a cookery demo from a professional chef, an Arts and Crafts area for children, pony and trap rides, refreshments (including mulled wine) and none other than Father Christmas himself is arriving at 12pm by pony and trap!  Once he has arrived you can even go and visit him in his grotto.

Based upon what we saw last time we were there it is sure to be a lovely, cheap and cheerful festive family treat.

(The burgers are back too!)

Ellenden Farm
WR11 8LU


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