Nintendo Kids Club and Nintendo Extra


Nintendo has recently launched a couple of new websites with children in mind; Nintendo Kids Club and Nintendo Extra.

nintendo kids club1nintendo extra1

Nintendo Kids Club is a site built entirely for children to enjoy. It’s packed with games, puzzles, colouring, craft activities and the “Cat Mario Show”.

nintendo kids club2

The site is incredibly colourful and very easy to use.  The games and puzzles include word searches and matching games, all themed to Mario and his closest companions.  There are crosswords to fill in, Cat Mario ears to print and cut out and colouring sheets of all of your favourite characters.

The “Cat Mario Show” is hosted by puppet Mario and Princess Peach who host short 7 minute videos filled with gameplay clips and tips of popular Nintendo games such as Mario Kart and Tomodachi Life.

nintendo kids club3

Nintendo Extra is an online magazine that is again written with children in mind.  The magazine is incredibly colourful and is split into sections based upon popular Nintendo titles such as Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, Pikmin and Zelda.

nintendo extra2

Each game section when clicked on opens into an article about that title.  Frequently explaining more about the title, it’s history and some tips for players.

nintendo extra3

Both of these sites are completely free to look at, use and enjoy.

If you want to find something to keep the children busy on a wet day then Nintendo Kids Club is full of lots of great ideas.

If you want to find out more about a game before you buy it or to try to get the edge and beat your children in Mario Kart check out the Nintendo Extra magazine.

Would you introduce either of these sites to your children?  What did you think of them?


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