Phonics fun with Biff, Chip And Kipper update


Following my previous post of first impressions HERE we have continued to enjoy playing with Phonics fun with Biff, Chip And Kipper on our 2DS.


Moo has played through the initial Stages 1 games and activities that focused on sounds and is now beginning on stages 1+ and 2 which are more focused on simple phonetic words such as “bug, Dad and pot.”

The later, slightly more challenging books that we are now working on are structured differently to the initial level 1 parts.

The books that we are now working through begin with the story being read aloud, then have a series of activities based upon the book such as questions about it, getting you to read it back a line at a time and writing key words using the DS’s stylus.


As you work though the stories you are rewarded with showers of stars and fanfare and have the ability to revisit any sections that you’d like to play again.

There are also songs in the newer sections that we’ve been playing in which are nice, but for now Moo has preferred the stories.

So far most of the activities that we’ve attempted she had been able to be involved in. The main one that she is unable to do at the moment is the writing activity.


Whether these games have had anything to do with it or not is impossible to say but Moo is able to find and point out more and more of her letters which is impressive. We will definitely be continuing to use Phonics fun with Biff, Chip and Kipper and im keen to have a sneak peek ahead of my daughter’s ability at the 2nd and 3rd games to see what they have to offer.

Playing this had also encouraged me to try out the iPad/Android Biff, Chip and Kipper app that’s full of stories and we’re thinking of buying the books for Christmas.

Check back soon for more information and opinions on the games.


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