Christmas present dilemma


This year, and I’m sure in future years we find ourselves with a little problem when it comes to Christmas presents.


Our eldest daughter is 2 and youngest is 6 months old. With Christmas approaching we’ve got to try to figure out sensible present buying strategies for both of them.
The problem comes mainly with what to buy our 6 month old. We already have lots and lots of toys and clothing for her that her sister has already enjoyed. At first we thought we should maybe just not really get her anything much for Christmas but we want her older sister to see that Christmas is for the whole family, including her baby sister.
We don’t really want to buy loads of unnecessary baby toys but still want her to have some presents just for her. Buying for the oldest always feels like a better purchase as it has potential to be enjoyed by all who follow.
Has anyone been through this before with siblings and trying to make sure that everyone is catered for? How did you manage this?


3 thoughts on “Christmas present dilemma

  1. When we had the girls and then our son who was a month old, we just had the girls pick out a small gift from them so they took part in the process and then gave one gift to the baby from santa. It actually worked well and we didnt break the bank spending for an infant who really wouldnt remember or care. The girl enjoyed picking out a present and showing their love to baby brother 🙂


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