Baby led weaning – it starts…


This week our beautiful little Roo has begun to join us at the table for dinner.


We have squeezed a towel into her high chair to help her to keep herself upright and she is now sitting proudly next to her big sister ready to consider eating.

As soon as they’re both sat down Moo is keen to hold hands with little Roo, she seems to be delighted that she’s with us at the table.


So far we’ve not given her food, she’s not quite got the control to see and then successfully grab food placed in front of her but she seems to be very happy to sit and join in with this important part of a family day.

Early on in our time as parents we decided to eat at the dining table every single day as a family. This is something that we feel was important to give us daily quality family time together and starting early would make it easier to achieve when our children are older.

Baby led weaning proved to be absolutely fantastic with our eldest daughter so we’re keen to do it again with little Roo.

Baby led weaning is the practice of sharing all your family meals with your baby, not turning them to a pulp, just allowing them to eat just like their parents, right from the word go.


With Moo we found that she would attempt to eat absolutely anything. Of course there are foods that she preferred to others and it was at first very scary watching her chew on full pieces of chicken. But as we stuck with it this became easier and easier to do and has now left us with a very good eater (most of the time).

The main problem that we had with baby led weaning was the mess. Moo would get very little food in her mouth to begin with, but would impressively shower the table and floor with her dinner. At the time we had a dog, who was easily the biggest fan of baby led weaning in the house. Sadly now he has had to leave us (I’ve not been able to face posting about this yet) so the mess is going to be dramatically different to our previous baby led weaning sessions.

Once Roo has started to show some more interest in the food placed in front of her I’ll post again with an update.


15 thoughts on “Baby led weaning – it starts…

  1. Pictures are adorable! We did baby-led weaning too, although mostly because otherwise by the time you have fed the baby your own dinner is gone cold! Ours both loved it, although we have learned to tip very well when we are out and about because it is extra messy!


  2. She looks a little surprised at her dinner in that first picture and I LOVE the picture of the girls holding hands! So cute. We also did some baby-led weaning and the mess was just incredible. How can such a little person make such a big mess?

    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars xxx


  3. aww those pictures are just toooooo cute! Baby led weaning is so messy we went down this route with lottie when she showed zero interest in the pureed stuff but at 9 months now we are starting to get the majority into her mouth – my carpet is very thankful! thanks for linking up #sundaystars


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