Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham


With Christmas approaching it only seems right to begin highlighting entertainment products that will be popular this festive season.

One of those products is Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Is it something you should pick up as a gift for someone this Christmas?

The Lego series of games are continuing to go from strength to strength and Batman 3: Beyond Gotham marks the most recent in the popular franchise.  The game is presented in a very similar style to previous Lego games and will undoubtedly therefore be lots of fun to play.

The games are very popular with gamers of all ages and provide lots of action, adventure and giggles thanks to their tongue-in-cheek humour.  The game sees Batman have to head up into space to prevent the evil Brainiac from destroying the Earth.

They are particularly popular with families as they offer safe, local multiplayer support so that brothers, sisters, parents and friends can play together on one TV without the potential risks that can come with online play.

Check back soon for more recommended entertainment products to keep an eye out for this Christmas.

A HUGE thank you to Family Gamer TV for the above video


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