Classroom Murder Mystery


Today we had our, now annual, in school murder mystery day.  The day has proved to be a HUGE hit with the children as they work to solve a murder in their own school.  As a drama activity I’ve never taught another lesson that comes close to the challenge that this provides the children.

Our current class topic is Games and so when thinking about trying to link some lessons to Cluedo a murder mystery day seemed like the way to go.


The children are invited to come to school dressed as adults and then are all given a role to play.  The theme of the murder mystery is all around a school reunion.  The children are a mix of ex students and teachers and easily lends itself to the children mingling and getting to know one another.  One of the teachers is murdered (none of the children play the victim, they are just told that it has happened) and then as they continue to discuss their individual storylines piece by piece the plot pulls together.

The original script came from and I’ve added a lot of extra characters to allow the script to work with a class of up to 34 children.

If you’d like to give it a try with your class the original script can be found here: Brierley_murder_in_the_classroom

If you’d like to have my upgraded list of characters please do contact me and I’ll send it to you.


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