Nintendo 2DS impressions


Last week I received a Nintendo 2DS.  It’s a handheld gaming console, very similar in style to the 3DS but offered without the ability to display games in 3D, hence a smaller price tag.  Every 3DS game works on the 2DS, it is a budget version of the more popular 3DS.

The device is well built and feels solid to hold and use.  My 2 year old has got hold of it a couple of times and I have at no point felt concerned that she could break or damage it.


The user interface is wonderfully straightforward to use, packing a lot of information and options into a small space.  The two screens are really well utilised in the menus and allow you to find whatever you want quickly and easily.

I was particularly impressed with the “eShop” that allows you to buy and download full games, try demos of games, check upcoming titles, install apps, it even has certain items on sale at times and will popup offers and games that it thinks will interest you based upon what you have recently played.


The sound and graphics are really, really impressive.  I honestly was not expecting anything like the quality that I’ve seen so far in the games that I’ve played.

The 2Ds’ internet capabilities have also really impressed me, I’ve started up Super Smash Bros and been playing with other people through WiFi really quickly and without any interruptions to play.

There are some really amazing games avaliable for the 2DS/3DS, major ones this year include Zelda: A link between worlds, Pokemon Black/White, Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros.  As well as all of the incredible 3DS games the 2DS also plays all older DS titles too.  So if you have any older, yet still good DS games the 2DS will allow you play those as well.


Just like the Wii before it the 2DS makes use of Miis to great effect.  It also has Streetpass, an always on (whilst the device is on) social media setting that shares information with other 3DS/2DS’s that it passes on the street.


So far I’ve been nothing but impressed by the 2DS. It’s incredibly good value for money, has a HUGE collection of outstanding games available for it and is great fun to play.  It will definitely be seeing a lot more use.

I will be reviewing individual titles soon such as this one HEREIMG_20141029_210923


2 thoughts on “Nintendo 2DS impressions

  1. We have both the 2DS and 3DS and I prefer the 2, much more robust and easier for younger children to handle. Sadly though our 2DS is missing in action – if only it had a tracking function! 😉


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