Ellenden Farm Apple Day


This morning we visited Ellenden Farm for a very special Apple Day they were running.IMAG0274

Ellenden it appears (having not visited before) is a farmshop with a LOT of great ideas.

This morning having paid a mere £2.50 per child to be involved we took a tractor and trailer ride from the farm shop and barn to the apple orchard.  In the apple orchard we were invited to pick apples in a small tray and when ready take the tractor/trailer back to the barn.



Once in the barn we were able to get the apples to be crushed and squeezed to make the freshest apple juice I’ve ever tasted.



Whilst supping on some delicious apple juice we had a stunning burger (made from their own beef) and play on toy tractors, colour in Halloween themed pictures or carve pumpkins.  IMAG0292

It was a wonderful morning and despite the slightly damp weather was proving to be incredibly popular with everyone who was there.

IMAG0293Now it’s time to drink all this juice!


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