Book review: Percy Jackson The Blood of Olympus


Every year I see children’s books wash in and out of fashion.  Few are able to stay the course like the Percy Jackson series has.

The books, written Rick Riordan, make ingenious use of the classic stories of Gods, Monsters and Men from Greek Mythology and sets them in the modern world.

The Blood of Olympus is the final in the epic series.

The original stories are without doubt some of my favourite stories, I love the names, the monsters, the complicated relationships, the quests for glory and the way the Gods try to use and manipulate man.

Despite my awareness of Percy Jackson and my enjoyment of the source material I had not read any of the series of books.  I was recently lucky enough to be sent The Blood of Olympus, the final book in the series to read and am now keen to go back and start at the beginning.

This story sees Percy Jackson face off against the ultimate Mythological foe, Gaea the Earth Mother and her Earthborn children.  He and his team of demi-Gods must fight together to prevent Gaea from sacrificing two demigods in Athens and taking control of the Earth.

The real joy of the book is it’s pace.  I presume this is true of the other books in the series as the plot moves along at such a pace that reading it remains an exciting pleasure.  It also has a surprisingly fun sense of humour, particularly when lending the ancient and modern worlds together.

It quickly became apparent as I read this why they are so popular with children.  They are true adventure stories that sweep you up and don’t let go.  This final part was a joy to read and has encouraged me to try out the first in the series.  I can’t comment on whether it was a fitting end for the series but was without doubt an exciting and engaging read that I have no doubt children will love.

SEE THE TRAILER HERE (Since when did books have trailers?)



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