Diablo 3 review


Diablo 3 is a beast of a game.  I mean this of course in the nicest possible way.  I haven’t played either of the previous Diablo games but was aware of them before Diablo 3 came along.diablo33

The game is best described as an action role playing game or if your not video game savvy a game where you control a character who roams around killing creatures and in doing so becomes more powerful.  Being more powerful then allows you to kill more challenging creatures and so the gameplay loop continues.  That gameplay loop is key here because Diablo 3 is incredibly addictive thanks to that tight rotation of getting more and more powerful and therefore being able to take on more and taking on more allows you to get more powerful.

As you do this your character follows a story about some fallen star that turns out to be more sinister than that and you basically have to go beat someone up!  That is to say it’s not worth playing the game for the story.  It has some pretty impressive cut scenes but it is far from gripping and the characters aren’t engaging.diablo32

The levels themselves, I believe, are worthy of commenting on because that look wonderful.  They are varied in appearance, are nicely detailed and feel good to play within.  Most of the levels are randomly generated every time you start a new game so replaying is definitely a fresh challenge.  In fact replaying the game is one of Diablo 3’s strongest points thanks to adventure mode.

Adventure mode is incredible and adds an infinite amount of replayability to an already strong game structure.  Once you have completed the main story Adventure mode unlocks and with it the whole of the game’s map is open for you to revisit.

Around the game’s map are bounties to complete, each bounty is shown clearly on the map and indicates what the attached task is.  As you complete tasks you gain keys to enter the “Nephalem Rift” a much tougher level that combines lots of the game’s level styles in one, with creatures from all of the game’s areas in.  Once you taken out a set quota of them the Nephalem Rift Guardian enters the level and must work alone or with any other players joining you in the Rift to destroy them for huge rewards.

This new, post game adventure mode is the best way for you to gain loot and to continue levelling up to and into the Paragon levels.

The more you play Diablo 3 the bigger the game gets and the more gameplay it offers you.  For example the higher your level the more options are open to you in regards to the crafting that is available to do in game.  To begin with this is very low key and rarely helpful but as you progress and discover new materials and recipes to unlock more and more powerful items.

Graphically Diablo 3 looks great; the settings, heroes, enemies and user interface is all really well presented.  The animation and character design particularly stood out to me, as did the look and feel of user interface.  diablo31

Creating a user interface for a RPG seems to be a common difficulty but Diablo 3’s is really easy to understand and quick to get to exactly what you want when you want.  It even has a quick inventory system that allows you to switch weapons and armour without opening a menu.

The good

Diablo 3’s controls and user interface work perfectly on console
The grind is fun and compelling
Adventure mode is absolutely amazing
A brilliant cooperative experience

The bad

The story is very forgettable
If you don’t like grinding, this is not for you

The verdict

As far as action role playing games go Diablo 3 is very hard to beat.  It’s adventure mode provides an unbelieveable amount of content and playing with friends or strangers is a blast.



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