A Sassy Bloom box to start the day


A HUGE thank you to Sassy Bloom for our beautiful box of treats that arrived this morning.IMG_20141018_091349

It contained a stunning collection of goodies including a colourful shaker, a Tommee Tippee bottle, some teething powder, a super cute cuddly turtle, a selection of creams and a personalised bib with our daughter’s name sewn into it.


The girls helped me to open the box and were thrilled with the contents.  The whole selection was packaged really nicely and would without doubt make a wonderful gift for anyone either with or expecting a baby.

Sassy Bloom are able to send out personalised boxes of goodies to families expecting or with babies up to the age of 2.  These boxes can be ordered to arrive every single month, this is very much the gift that keeps on giving.

If we have any friends who are fortunate enough to become pregnant we will very much be looking to treat them to a box from Sassy Bloom.



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