Funky Giraffe Bib


Funky Giraffe have very kindly sent me an incredible Bib for Roo.


So far she hasn’t been very dribbly but with teeth surely on the way getting a bib ready seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately for us the bib is so nice I’m not too sure how keen we’d be to use it!

I’d not brought from Funky Giraffe before and have to say their website is one of the most impressive online stores I’ve ever used.  The site’s ability to design your own personalised bib is absolutely amazing.

Funky Giraffe allows you to choose from a wide selection of pre designed bibs and to design your own.funkygiraffe1

The design system is incredibly easy to use and flexible.  Whenever we’ve brought personalised products from other website you get to type in the text and order.  Funky Giraffe allows you to type the text, place it yourself, choose the font, the colour of the writing and then add additional small images.

Their service was slick and fast and I would definitely recommend you take a look


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