Read with your child: The Very Hungry Caterpillar


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This next book that I wanted to write about that is one that you should definitely try to share with your children, The very Hungry Caterpillar.81dmJh2gbRL._SL1500_

This is the oldest book that I’ve written about yet, being first published in 1969.  It still remains an absolutely classic is incredibly popular with really young children.

The book tells the story of a caterpillar who hatches from it’s egg feeling very peckish.  It then eats a number of different fruits throughout a week, eventually taking on a chain of junk foods (ice cream, pie, cake, sausage) that leads it to feel ill.  It combats it’s poorly tummy by munching on a nice green leaf and builds itself a cocoon.  The book ends with the fat caterpillar bursting from it’s cocoon, emerging as a beautiful butterfly.

To show what he has eaten every item of food has a hole through it making the pages that extra bit interesting to touch and examine.


The very hungry caterpillar is a big favourite in schools because it has so so much to offer young readers.

The book can be used to introduce children to the days of the week, it provides lots of great opportunities to get children counting as on each day he eats one more item than before,it can be used to inspire discussions about the importance of healthy eating and it’s pictures demand some copying.

This week Moo was found by her Mummy “reading” this to herself, counting the fruit on various pages, listing the foods and fruits and announcing the arrival of a beautiful butterfly at the end and viciously flapping it’s pages to aid it’s flight.  It is clearly a favourite of ours!

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