What’s the best film to watch with your children this Halloween?


Simple as that!


If for some stupid reason you don’t want to watch Wallace and Gromit, but you do like the thought of a family friendly Halloween film you might also want to try out…

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Hello Kitty’s 40th annivesary cake


This weekend Hello Kitty will be celebrating it’s 40th anniversary at London’s famous Hamleys Toy Shop.

The event promises to be a wonderful event with a special guest appearance from Hello Kitty herself!  She is be visiting the store for photos with children and adults.HelloKitty40thVisit

It wouldn’t be a celebration without a cake and 40 years deserves a particularly impressive cake.  Check this out!!!

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Nintendo 2DS impressions


Last week I received a Nintendo 2DS.  It’s a handheld gaming console, very similar in style to the 3DS but offered without the ability to display games in 3D, hence a smaller price tag.  Every 3DS game works on the 2DS, it is a budget version of the more popular 3DS.

The device is well built and feels solid to hold and use.  My 2 year old has got hold of it a couple of times and I have at no point felt concerned that she could break or damage it.


The user interface is wonderfully straightforward to use, packing a lot of information and options into a small space.  The two screens are really well utilised in the menus and allow you to find whatever you want quickly and easily.

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BUPA have created a dementia simulation game to raise awareness


Last year my Grandma sadly passed away, she ended her days living in a care home having been diagnosed with dementia.  At the end she was constantly confused and frequently disturbed.

It was emotionally hard to visit her as she had no idea who anyone was anymore and it was hard to understand how her world had changed so dramatically.

This afternoon I have been contacted by BUPA who would like a “game” they have made publicised that allows users to experience a tiny fraction of the feeling of confusion that dementia can bring.

“The aim of our game is to match cards to their pairs in the allotted time, however as time goes on, the cards start to move and become gradually more blurred making it increasingly difficult to complete. The idea is that users will feel frustrated and confused, reflecting how people with dementia often feel. You can play the game here http://www.thememorychallenge.co.uk.”

dementia game

Book review: Percy Jackson The Blood of Olympus


Every year I see children’s books wash in and out of fashion.  Few are able to stay the course like the Percy Jackson series has.

The books, written Rick Riordan, make ingenious use of the classic stories of Gods, Monsters and Men from Greek Mythology and sets them in the modern world.

The Blood of Olympus is the final in the epic series.

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Initial impressions of Phonics fun with Biff, Chip and Kipper


The Biff, Chip and Kipper books are nearly as old as I am (thanks for that Wikipedia) and I turned 31 yesterday!  phonics fun 3

The books are a series of stories designed to teach children how to read and speak English in line with the National Curriculum that is taught in schools.  Because of this they have been incredibly popular with parents and schools for nearly 30 years!

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