5 things to love and hate about Destiny


5 things Destiny gets so right



Controls are often an overlooked feature of games. They can be taken for granted but when they work perfectly they can make a huge difference.

Destiny totally nails controls. It feels perfect when running around on foot, zipping about on your sparrow, shooting at aliens and even when controlling the menus.


Over the past few weeks myself, and it seems everyone else who owns Destiny, has been playing and replaying the same levels again and again happily grinding up the levels. So far the mix of story missions, strikes, crucible matches and now Raids is very much keeping its player’s interest.

Cooperative gameplay – Raids/Strikes

I’ve not played many cooperative shooters before but this fantastically shared shooting experience is wonderful. Seeing other players doing their own thing whilst playing your own game, occasionally helping one another out and taking on the game’s Strikes and Raids provides a wonderful mix of Cooperative experiences that provide a genuinely tough challenge even for experienced gamers.

User Interface

The user interface is super slick, easy to use and has plenty of room to grow into. Having a cursor to control it on a console seemed like an odd choice at first but it looks and feels really good.

Daily/weekly challenges

Every day and every week fresh challenges are being pushed out to players. There are rarely games that I feel a need to revisit daily or weekly but the new content that is being pushed upon it’s players is keeping me coming back for more most days.

5 Things Destiny gets so wrong.



The biggest problem that I had with Destiny, especially having played the Halo series of games, was the poor story.

Bungie has proven time and time again that they can spin an impressive yarn in a first person shooter but there was little to no story to be found in Destiny.  It’s not enough to rely upon downloadable content to tell the story, if that is what they are planning.

Multiplayer modes and customisation of modes

Bungie made their name with the Halo series and it’s multiplayer component was a huge part of it’s success.  The competitive multiplayer in Destiny is great but the amount of modes and the lack of any mode customisation is very, very disappointing and a big step backwards for the developer.

NPC (Non Player Characters)

I think this was a big part of the problem with Destiny’s storytelling.  There was only a handful of characters and only one who we really heard from regularly, a floating robotic eye, your “ghost” voiced by Peter Dinklage.  He is an exceptional actor and a great name to voice the character but it is really not enough to have him attempt to carry the whole story.

Wasted concept

The initial images of Destiny and it’s enormous floating, white sphere above the Earth screamed of an incredible concept.

I’m a HUGE fan of good concepts and the idea of a refugee planet/moon/space station known as the Traveller who is seeking refuge above the Earth allowing us to develop our own species at a dramatically increased rate was stunning.

All of this however amounted to nothing.  There is no need for the traveller to in anyway exist to allow the story of Destiny to work.  We never visit it or save it or have anything to do with it.  It’s just there, providing a stunning backdrop for the Tower.

Mission variety

Destiny’s missions are all incredibly similar.  They may well be set on different planets but apart from that you do find yourself doing the same tasks again and again.  Travel from point A to point B taking out anything that stands in your way, occasionally having to taken out a bullet sponge, then protect your Ghost whilst enemies attack in waves.  Succeed and do the same thing all over again.

I was disappointed we had no ambush, protection, racing, flying our spaceships, saving groups of allies from overwhelming odds…  Every mission plays out the same.

The spaceship flying in particular I was surprised by.  Why is there a Shipwright who we can buy upgraded ships from and yet never get to fly them.  Bungie’s last Halo game (Halo Reach) featured space combat, where is it in Destiny?


What did I miss, please share your favourites and frustrations about Destiny in the comments below, or send me a Tweet @daddydaydream


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