Coming Daddy?


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This morning I was talking to my 2 year old daughter about what she had planned for the day.  She was going to bake some biscuits with Mummy, go to Music Makers, then going swimming with some of her little friends and this afternoon one of Mummies friends was coming round to visit.  A visit busy day, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Once I had listed off all of these wonderful activities she tilted her head, she has a habit of doing this when asking a question, and asked me “Coming Daddy?”  I could have cried!

“Daddy’s got to go to work.”  Sad face.

I know that every family manages it differently but whoever it is in your parenting unit that has to work knows that sick feeling of having to leave their little ones, be it at a nursery, with a family member or spouse.  It sucks.

My wife does an incredible job of keeping the girls busy, as you can tell from above, but missing out on the fun can be hard to stomach.

It’s not the thought of going to work that’s the problem, personally speaking, I love my job but having to say goodbye is a terrible wrench every single morning.  Today it was made all the worse by O asking me if I was coming with her for her exciting activities.

Today was a good day (until I got home from work to find the bathroom tap wouldn’t turn off, but that’s another matter), I hope everyone out there had a good day too.


3 thoughts on “Coming Daddy?

  1. Yes, it’s tough. However, it makes coming home to them 1000% more exciting! Silver linings? I’m with you though, I would love to spend time with them over working any day of the week.


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