Read with your child: Not now Bernard



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Not now Bernard was one of the first books that we brought when we found out we were having a baby.

It’s a book that I remembered from my childhood and has been lovely to revisit now with my own children.

It tells the sad story of Bernard who’s parents ignore him. He tries to tell them that there was a monster in the garden and that it’s going to to eat him and they aren’t interested! Upon visiting the monster it does indeed eat him and continues into the house where the parents presume it’s Bernard and continue to deal with the monster add if it is Bernard.

This simple premise provides children with a huge amount of pleasure because they know something that the parents in the story don’t.

Hidden meaning!?!
I think Not now Bernard is much more about Bernard’s parent’s parenting issues though.

In ignoring Bernard; his parents create the monster.

He warns them about the monster/he begins playing up to get their attention.

When ignored further the monster eats him/Bernard becomes a “monster”

The monster comes back into the house to try to get his parents attention/Bernard (now in monster form) comes in and bites his Dad’s leg

Bernard’s parents continue to ignore him as he had his dinner, smashes up his toys and goes to bed. Something sadly plenty of kids can relate to.

It’s a wonderful book that is incredibly enjoyable and ready to read. If you aren’t familiar with it you should definitely check it out.


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