Read with you child: Meg and Mog



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The Meg and Mog series of books are a fantastic selection of books to experience with your child.

I say experience because they are quite something to behold. The stories frequently don’t make a great deal of sense, the writing in the pages can be hard to follow and the pictures are an aggressive assault on your eyes.

For example, in the first book “Meg and Mog” Meg takes Mog to a spell party, there she meets a few friends, casts a spell, turns them all into mice and then leaves.  It reads as if the author simply ran out of space to finish off the story!

This slap dash approach only seems to add to their charm though.

The stories are all short and the pages are suitable for the very youngest of readers thanks to their extreme colours.  We were reading them to O from her first few weeks.

The stories are all very varied, I’m sure depending over time on what your child’s interests are there will be one that is perfect for them.  Themes are varied from spells to dinosaurs and football to mountaineering.

Meg and Mog are a particularly great series of books to share with really small children, their short length and intensely colourful pages will help little ones get used to the experience of sharing a book, even when they still don’t understand what is going on.


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