Read with your child: The Gruffalo



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This year (2014) marks the Gruffalo’s 15th anniversary.  Over those 15 years I can’t imagine it has spent much time not in the 100 best selling children’s books.  It is a real classic.

The Gruffalo is the story of a little mouse who is taking a stroll through the deep, dark wood.  he bumps into several sinister woodland creatures on his walk and convinces them not to eat him by scaring them away, telling them he is out to meet with a Gruffalo.  This works incredibly well until he actually meets a Gruffalo for himself!

The story is such a joy because of it’s patterns.  It is full of rhyming patterns.  This is an incredibly powerful tool when reading with young children because they will very quickly be able to start to join in.  Guessing the words that finish a sentence thanks to the rhyme.

The book also follows a great pattern of the mouse meeting the snake, fox and owl.  Then bumps into the Gruffalo and has to go back through the wood and see them all again, but this time with the Gruffalo in tow.

These simple patterns quickly allow children to find the story familiar and know what to expect next.

If your children REALLY love the Gruffalo and you want to get them doing some Gruffalo craft check out this LINK.

If you enjoy it, the author – Julia Donaldson, has written loads of other fantastic books with a very similar feel to them.


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