Destiny: Day 3 – Now things are getting interesting


During my last stint on Destiny I started to see a little more of what Bungie’s vision wasfor Destiny.

Playing through the final story mission on the Moon I came across a serious “boss” type character pictured below.  Having not come across anything like this yet in the game it was quite a shock to see a monstrous door open, hordes of Acolytes poured out of it dodging out the feet of this behemoth.

destiny monster

It took several attempts for me a beat, a very good sign of a boss’ difficulty.  It felt good to fight, the level design was varied and the giant was reinforced by lots of smaller minions who kept on respawning allowing for constant action.

Once it was defeated I collected some loot and carried on my merry way.  The loot is just on the verge of getting interesting, I’m currently a level 13 Hunter.  I’m gradually noticing more and more of a difference in my equipment and as some of my kit levels up I can feel it in the gameplay.  I’m sure this will continue to get more interesting as I near level 20 and (maybe) go beyond.

After completing the level with the gargantuan boss I thought I’d fly back to Earth and have a go at a Strike.

Strike missions are for 3 players to take on at once and provide more of a challenge than the single player story missions.

Playing the strike certainly provided a challenge.  It took my group about 30-40 minutes to complete and consisted of a series of tricky “boss” characters that each took over 10 minutes to bring down.

It was a fantastic experience though the loot at the end of it was pretty poor, it was a level 8 strike though!

These strike missions provide a wonderful change of pace as they require tight teamwork and carefully considered attacks to survive and prevail.  Hopefully as I try harder ones the loot drops will become more worthwhile, spurring me on to the tougher and tougher cooperative game types.

If you’ve not done so already, you should definitely take on a strike mission soon.


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