Read with your child: How to catch a star



The first book I thought I’d encourage others to read with their children is How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers.

This book would be suitable for any age children as it is short, has beautiful pictures and is easy to follow.  Even if your child is too young to enjoy the story, the pictures will certainly catch their eye.

The book is about a boy who loves stars, he loves them so much that he’d like to have one as his friend.  He attempts to reach a star in lots of different ways but fails, finally finding one that has washed up on the beach.

The book has simple language so is a great book to, over time, read with a child and ask them to help out with certain words.  It is not a rhyming story but the pages have good visual clues as to what is happening on them.

The length of the story and the stunning pictures are what make this such a great story for really little people, 0-3, even wriggly bottoms should enjoy it’s artwork and stories’ simplicity.

Fans may enjoy doing some star potato printing after reading, stargazing at night this winter or cutting out and hanging some stars of their own in their bedrooms.


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