Destiny: Day 2



Getting back onto Destiny last night I thought I would give some more time to exploring, grinding and getting stuck into the competitive multiplayer in the Crucible.


The ability to wander wherever you wish to go in Destiny is fantastic.  The graphics certainly do a lot to encourage you to leave the path and see what new incredible sights you can find.  The maps are very open and the ability to summon a Sparrow to quickly ride around on makes longer journeys a pleasure.

I do wish that there were more, and maybe randomised, chests that could be looted for relatively rare items being guarded by groups of grunts to try to get through to claim the prize.


With the exploring comes the grinding.  I’ve only really experienced grinding on Diablo 3 before which I found enjoyable thanks to its incredible adventure mode for the end game.

In Destiny the grind became far more interesting once I starting being more aware of the bounties that are available in the Tower.  By taking bounties from the Bounty Hunter you can dramatically increase the speed of the grind and it helps give more focus to what you are doing.  Once you’ve completed a bounty remember to head back to the Bounty Hunter to receive your reward.


Half of the bounties that were available last night were to be completed in the Crucible, Destiny’s competitive gaming modes.

I played through several matches and definitely enjoyed myself, though I wasn’t blown away by the selection of modes, of which there is currently four.  Of these I found the territory control one my personal favourite.

Destiny allow you to play competitive multiplayer with the weapons that you have collected in single player.  This is kind of great but kind of awful.  It’s awful if you’re just getting started or play casually and so are unlikely to have amazing weapons.  On the flip side if you’ve dedicated days and week of your life to the game you get to make use of your hard earned loot against other players.  It’ll be interesting to see how the community feels about this over time.


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