The best books to read with your children




As a Dad and a primary school teacher I am read of lots of children’s books.  I am very grateful that I have the opportunity and excuse to read so many children’s books.

I had to do assembly in school this week and, as it is the beginning of the school year, decided to speak about reading and it’s importance.  Sounds kind of naff I know but unfortunately that’s sometimes the nature of being a teacher.

In preparation for the assembly I trawelled through by daughters’ book shelves looking for some books to share with the rest of the school that I am particularly keen on.

I settled for a selection of books by the brilliant Oliver Jeffers, one of our family favourites.  His books include Lost and found, Stuck, The book eating boy and How to catch a star.  As the school’s motto is reach for the stars I read and spoke to the school about How to catch a star.

This was one of O’s very first books.  We’ve been reading it to her since she was just days old and still read it to her now often.  She is now 2 and we read several books to her every day.

Speaking to the children about their favourite books made me aware of how many of their parents either didn’t read to their children when they are small or stop to once the children can read themselves.

Both of which are tragedies.

This got me thinking of how I could encourage parents to read to their children.  Reading a story to children is a wonderful experience.  From my 3 month old baby to the 10 year olds that I work with everyday in school, reading and sharing books with children is a real treat.

So I’m planning to post about books that are wonderful to share with children.  These will be books that are a joy to read with little people and if possible I may extend them with questions, ideas to get extra enjoyment out of them from.  This might be games to play, questions to ask or work to do (for fellow teachers).

Check back on the Blog soon for the first book’s post.


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