Destiny: Day 1 impressions


destiny image

Yesterday Destiny was unleashed upon the world.  Following record breaking pre order figures, a wide spread Alpha and Beta we can now finally play it.

Last night I clocked up somewhere between 4-5 hours on it and was very impressed.  As with lots of games the initial impressions that you get can vary greatly from how you feel about the game after several days, weeks or months, particularly online centred games.  That’s why I thought I’d post my day 1, first impressions and follow it up periodically for however long it is able to hold my attention.

Upon starting Destiny up I was once again (following the alpha and beta) very impressed by the game’s graphics and art style.  In particular I really like the game’s user interface.  It is clean, crisp and easy to use.  Quite oddly it relies upon a cursor which is not at all common for console games (especially ones that are not PC ports)  but it works perfectly.

The gunplay is perfect.  Bungie has proved this again and again over the years and Destiny is no exception.  The character movements feels great and the twitch controls needed to keep your head up during gameplay are wonderful.

I really loved the mix of gameplay styles.  Lots of people are currently battling with the problem of is Destiny a shooter, an MMO, an RPG…  I personally don’t think this matters.  It’s an awesome game at the end of the day.  We don’t trouble ourselves with films and books that don’t neatly fit into one pigeon hole, so why do it with games?

I’m currently an early level 8 and about to get really stuck in on the Moon and in the Crucible (competitive multiplayer) tonight.  As I play more, I’ll post more.  Enjoy


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