First full day at playgroup


This morning I had the exciting yet scary task of taking O to playgroup for her first full day. The car journey was full of merriment as we chatted about playing, fun and hard hats (her favourite toy from her first visit there).

To my joy and amazement when we arrived she walked confidently in front of me, straight to a table heavily laden with musical instruments and set to creating a beautiful racket.  I dropped off her bag, gave her a kiss and brief cuddle, narrowly dodging a maraca.  As I left her that maraca quickly became the most pleasant sound I’ve heard all day, she was happy to be left.

As the day at work wore on I struggled to stop trying to firing nervous glances at my phone, looking for any news of sadness from her.  But as 3:15 (school hometime) approached it looked more and more likely that she had managed it.

Once the children had left school, following an awesome day to finish off our first week together, I headed to playgroup to collect O.

As I walked into the room O threw her hands over her mouth in her trademark shocked face pose.  I leapt towards her, crouched to the ground and received a stunning cuddle and kiss.  The first day was at an end and O had had an amazing day.

She had played with some sand, painted a beautiful picture, eaten rather a lot of mash potato for lunch and stolen the African land snail’s cucumber whilst “helping” to feed it.

Victory!  And best of all, she’s looking forward to going again next week.


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