5 things to love and hate about Destiny


5 things Destiny gets so right



Controls are often an overlooked feature of games. They can be taken for granted but when they work perfectly they can make a huge difference.

Destiny totally nails controls. It feels perfect when running around on foot, zipping about on your sparrow, shooting at aliens and even when controlling the menus. Continue reading


Type Kids impressions/review


Type Kids is a new subscription website that contains a great assortment of activities to encourage children to improve their typing.  typekids3

It’s got a lot of good ideas but is ultimately let down by it’s over the top enthusiasm to engage and to teach.

As a primary school teacher I am very aware of the difficulty that many children have with typing.  We frequently set them work to do using the computers in school and it is often frustrating to watch a group of children who write well and quickly on paper become bogged down by a keyboard.

Typing games provide a great way of improving children’s writing speed and accuracy. Continue reading

Read with your child: How to train your Dragon



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The How to train your Dragon films have been a huge success (check out my review of it HERE). The book that started the increasingly popular franchise is definitely worth a look too.

The books do share many of the same named characters as the films and they are about Vikings and dragons, but other than that they follow a very different plot.

In the book the children have to go through a series of coming of age challenges that involve finding and training dragons to work for them. There is no human/dragon conflict in the book like there is in the movie version.

Instead the books main plot follows Hiccup, son of the village leader, as he attempts to train his rather awkward dragon Toothless. Continue reading

Coming Daddy?


PicMonkey Collage Moomoo

This morning I was talking to my 2 year old daughter about what she had planned for the day.  She was going to bake some biscuits with Mummy, go to Music Makers, then going swimming with some of her little friends and this afternoon one of Mummies friends was coming round to visit.  A visit busy day, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Once I had listed off all of these wonderful activities she tilted her head, she has a habit of doing this when asking a question, and asked me “Coming Daddy?”  I could have cried!

“Daddy’s got to go to work.”  Sad face. Continue reading