App review: Clumsy Ninja


I’ve never reviewed an app before but feel compelled to due to the huge amounts of joy Clumsy Ninja has given my daughter.


Clumsy Ninja is a free app avaliable from the iStore and the Android Play store. The app relies upon in-app purchases to make it’s money but as of yet we’ve been able to getting lots of fun from it without spending a penny.

The app is pretty much a physics playground with a cute Ninja who is beautifully animated that you can interact with. Tapping on him pokes him (resulting in belly laughs), holding a finger down grabs that part off him and dragging pulls him around by that body  part (resulting in belly laughs), flicking your finger throws him around (resulting in huge belly laughs).

In his environment there is a bed that you can tap on to tell him to take a nap, poking him on that wakes him up. This is probably O’s favourite activity on Clumsy Ninja, continually telling him to sleep and instantly waking him up.


The game does offer activities to do that unlock various objects to play with such as a trampoline, balloons, balls and basketball hoops (the hoops are not to throw balls through, but the Ninja himself).

It seems that paying small amounts of money allows you to access more of these extra activities and to dress the Ninja up in various comedic outfits.

Most importantly Clumsy Ninja is fun. O laughs like an absolute lunatic whilst playing. We all love him.

Clumsy Ninja is awesome.


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