Review: Guardians of the Galaxy


“Better than Star Wars”

“It’s just like Avengers Assemble, but set in space”

“I am Groot”

and many other things had been said to me by friends about the latest Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.  Everything that I heard about the film only made me look forward to seeing it more.  But did it live up to these outlandish and confusing comments?GuardiansoftheGalaxy

Everything about this film was very, very much to my taste.  The sense of humour was fun and cheeky, the action was full on, the acting was strong, the villain was nasty and the heroes were lovable.

The film follows the adventures of Peter Quill, played by Chris Pratt, a human who gets caught up in some big trouble all centering around a mysterious object that he finds early in the movie.  Through his shenanigans he ends up befriending a rag tag group of characters who become the film’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

I’ve not come across Chris Pratt before but he was really, really well cast as the lead in this.  He perfectly fills the boots of his character and brings the whole ensemble together nicely.


The rest of the main characters are all fantastic.  Of particular note are Vin Diesel and Bradly Cooper who provide the voices to two of the Guardians.  One a waling, talking plant and the other a genetically engineered raccoon.  These two are a wonderful pair of characters, feeling similar in style to Han Solo and Chewbacca of Star Wars fame.

The film looks beautiful.  The design of the settings is absolutely wonderful, keeping the film feeling and looking fresh as the story flows from planet to starship to planet.  The prison is particularly enjoyable in design as is the location of the film’s finale.

Would everyone enjoy it?  No, of course not.  But if you enjoy adventure films similar to Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Avengers Assemble then this is definitely worth a look.

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy at the stunning Regal cinema @the_regal, Evesham.


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