3 amazingly cheap days out in 3 days


1 Going into the deep dark wood to find the Gruffalo


This year marks the 15th anniversary of Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo. To celebrate the Wyre Forest are running special events in the forest, or deep dark wood.

On Monday we went to see what it was like. Arriving we instantly knew we were onto a winner to see a huge Gruffalo waving at children and posing for photos. There was face painting, someone was giving out huge amounts of balloons and a we did a lovely walk through the woods hunting for large cut outs of of the characters from the book.

Also in the woods was a beautiful giant, carved sculpture of the Gruffalo. This is one of several that have been commissioned and are now dotted around the country.

The highlight of the day was without doubt being able to meet the actual Gruffalo. Ophelia was fairly brave and we did go to say hello. He gave me a high 5!

2 Twycross Zoo to celebrate World Orangutan Day.

On Tuesday we had a totally free visit to Twycross Zoo as they are allowing anyone with red hair to enter the zoo for free as a mark of respect for all fresh heads on World Orangutan Day.IMG_7390

All of those years of bullying for being a ginger had finally paid off! For once being ginger was a good thing.

The zoo was incredibly busy, they had a standard intake of customers plus lots of red headed punters. The zoo was nice but having visited a couple of other zoos this summer (Durley and Colchester) this was definitely the weakest of the pack.IMG_7393

There seemed to be an awful lot more monkeys than anything else. The monkeys were nice but it just seemed a little too monkey heavy for my liking. The animals were in fairly small enclosures compared to the other zoos we have visited, they are all nice and clean and well presented but we have become used to bigger enclosures at the other zoos.

Would we go there again? Maybe next World Orangutan Day, but otherwise probably not.

3 Stanwick Lakes

On Wednesday we then headed West to Stanwick Lakes. I had never been out heard of the lakes before but ill stay by saying if you haven’t been and you live within an hour of it you should definitely definitely go.

The lakes only charge you to park the car, it doesn’t matter how many adults or children are in the car. There are lots and beautiful walks/bike tracks to enjoy from there, a great cafe, canoes can be hired (as can bikes) and they have an absolutely amazing playground.

The playground is the most exciting element of the visit. The whole playground is surrounded by sand and contains the usual array of slides, Swiss and things to climb on. The best part of it all is the water.

The playground is crisscrossed by water, both stationary and flowing. There are pools, pipes and pumps to play with everywhere you look. The water plus the sand means lots of sandcastles can be built and the whole thing is well spread out with areas that clearly lend themselves to different ages of children.

It’s a long way for us to go but it’s somewhere we definitely would like to visit again.




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