The Early Learning Centre thinks Dads are incompetent


This Blog post is in response to this article. from @dadwhoblogs

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) have created and posted this poster on their Facebook page.



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Since finding out we were pregnant with our first baby we have been fortunate enough to make lots of new wonderful friends who are all sharing the experience of being parents. I have become good friends with a wonderful group of Dads all of whom I’m sure would not at all be impressed to see the opinion of such a well respected and established company as the ELC.

We know Mums and Dads where Dad works full time and Mum stays at home with the children, Mum and Dad both work part time and look after the child between then, Mum works full time and Dad looks after the children. I thought this was a fair representation of the society that we now live in. The gender differences are gradually being removed.

Young families are a great place to witness the changes in our society and how the roles of men and women are changing.

This poster from the ELC is very, very insulting to all those Dads who look after their families. I work full time but I do try to do as much with my children as I can. This list of questions for mum as opposed to the comment from Dad “where’s Mum?” unfortunately shows that there is still a lot of people out there who are unaware of the changes that are taking place in the roles of parents. I am just shocked that of all people to ask hold these old fashioned opinions that the ELC would be one of them.

Do you agree with the comment from the ELC? Is this really a fair representation of Mums and Dads?


4 thoughts on “The Early Learning Centre thinks Dads are incompetent

  1. This post by ELC screams of a lazy retailer trying to create controversy in order to clawback social significance online. What a silly way to alienate Dads. But what can you expect from a brand which is associate with Mothercare. Where are the fathercare branded shops 😜


  2. I don’t think it’s saying that Dad’s say ‘where’s mum’ or suggests that Dads are incompetent, more that that often that’s what children say. In our house my husband can be sat by the remote and the kids will call me in from cooking tea to change the channel. But I can see how it would be offensive to Dads, particularly ones who take a greater share of childcare, and I completely agree that there is far too much of an assumption that mums do all the domestic stuff (‘Mum goes to Iceland’). I’m a stay-at-home / work-from-home mum and I often have to remind my children that I choose not to have an office job and that Daddy isn’t the only one capable of earning a living.


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