Dawngate impressions update


As I continue to shop around for the MOBA for me I’ve found myself playing more and more Dawngate the past couple of days. As is part of the draw of most MOBAs, the more I play, the more I learn, and the more I learn the more I like.


I am getting to grips with the ebb and flow of the game more now. To those that haven’t played a MOBA before, the games generally take place on one map and lots of purple cannot understand how anyone could pay the same game lots of times on the same map. What MOBAs do really well though is provide an ever changing focus during a match and Dawngate is really good at that. The main addition that Dawngate brings to the table with the flow of a game is the spirit wells and the end of game battles that take place.

The spirit wells only unlock half way through a match and once they are unlocked can dramatically change the game. The spirit wells are structures where minions continually mine the game’s currency for your team. Once they are unlocked they can be captured by your enemies. Before they are unlocked the minions mining then can be attacked for a bonus and to slow down the opposing team’s progression.


The end of match battles in Dawngate are different to other popular MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA2. This is mainly because the “structure” that you are trying to destroy to win the game fights back! Not only that but to destroy it you must destroy all of it’s weapons one at a time. This results in a far more interesting end game. They are far harder to take down but with good teamwork and some sensible decisions about the order that you take down the creature’s weapons you can even the odds.

I’m still not too keen on the shapers (characters) in the game. They do seem to suit different roles in game but Dawngate does pride itself on you being able to play and character in any role. I can’t help but wish it was more obvious how to play the shapers to get the best out of them. I’ve never understood why most MOBAs don’t make that more obvious to the players.

I’ll certainly continue to play Dawngate, European servers have recently been opened to speed up connection to games so there has never been a better time to give it a try.


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