#leagueoflegends log 1


Last night I played 2, lost 2. The defeats were far from a waste of time though as I felt I learnt a lot from them.


In the first game I played as the adorable Teemo. I had only played with him once before and that was the day before, that game had gone incredibly well, my kill/death ratio was very comfortably positive and I had a great time playing as him. Last night though everything was different.

I found myself in the top lane, playing it 1 v 1 against Irelia. As we tussled for control of the lane I found myself overconfident and pushing myself too far forward. Once we’d both gained a few levels she had no difficultly in dashing in with her skill bladesurge and taking me out.

Unfortunately I was too late to learn the safe distance that I needed from her and although I managed to get her once or twice she was able to kill a few times too many and ended nicely fed to dominate the rest of the game. It’s worth pointing out at this point that I had requested additional support from the team but they were either unwilling or unable to join me in lane.


My second match I played as Warwick. Again previously I had had some really games as Warwick and this game was far closer than my Teemo match. I ended with a positive kill/death ratio and had a very close game. It was a fantastic team game, hard fought on both sides and everyone had their moment of glory.

This reminded me again why games like league of legends are so popular. MOBAs are challenging to play games that are definitely learning experiences. Their learning curve can be steep but just as with the resurgence in rogue like games that we’re seeing at the moment it appears gamers like a challenge and that satisfying feeling that comes from making progress with something that you know isn’t easy.


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