Book review: Flip Flap Farm by Axel Scheffler



As a Dad and a Primary School teacher I read a lot of books for children.

Julia Donaldson (of Gruffalo fame) is a big favorite both in school and at home with my girls. The book pictured above has been created by the illustrator of most of her famous books (Room on the Broom, Stickman etc), Axel Scheffler.

The book is a simple yet ingenious series of poems describing animals.



But all of the poems are split into 2, as are the names of the animals and the pictures of the animals. By flipping either the top or bottom sections of pages you can create all sorts of new creatures that are comical creations of 2 familiar animals. Every combination somehow works brilliantly.




It makes for a real interesting, different and creative reading experience. It highly recommend you pick it up if you see it. Is a great book to share but also a really fun book to let children read themselves as it naturally crosses the boundary from reading to play.


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