#Leagueoflegends log 0


So if you happen to follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I’ve been playing a spot of League of Legends recently.  I had previously been dedicating quite some time to playing DOTA 2 (yes following The International competition) and have dabbled with some Dawngate (EA’s new MOBA), some SMITE (the third person MOBA) and have also played a couple of games of Infinite Crisis (the DC comic MOBA).


Yes it does seem that for now I’m hooked   to MOBAs,

I haven’t yet spent any money on any of them, which is amazing given the amount of time I’ve ploughed into them.  They all truly are free to play, none of them are pay to win and all of them are different, though of course they have there similarities.

The past few days I’ve gotten back into League of Legends following a long break from it.  I have found that playing some other MOBAs has definitely improved my play in League.  DOTA 2 in particular is of course very similar to League of Legends (LOL) and trying to learn the ropes and improve my skills in DOTA has without doubt made me a better player of LOL.

I have found the community to be very friendly so far over the past week.  I’ve probably got in a couple of games a day and haven’t had or seen to much hassle between players.


Previously I had preferred DOTA’s generosity in allowing you to play as any of the characters from the start without purchase but having now gone back to LOL I think that having less to chose from is a good thing.  Inevitably you play against a lot of the same characters because (at my level at least) most players stick to the weekly rotation characters and some of the cheaper characters to buy from the in game store.  This has made it far easier for me to stick with the same characters for several matches and to play against characters who I now have a better understanding of through playing with them.

Sometime I hope to do a full review of LOL and maybe DOTA 2.  Despite my lowly status I think a large percentage of the player base are people like me who like the idea but cannot dedicate the time that some players appear to.

I also would like to do a comparison between the major MOBAs as I am having so much fun playing them recently.  My favourite  seems to switch fairly regularly so writing about them wouldn’t be too hard, they all have their specialities that may appeal to different players.

My only problem with this is Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s MOBA.  It looks awesome but I haven’t been invited into the Alpha so cannot play it at the moment.  Fingers crossed that sometime I’ll receive access and will be able to write about my experiences.

For now though MOBAs are providing me with a lot of free fun and for the past few days LOL has risen to the top of my most popular list so I may start a new series of blog posts about it similar to my DOTA diaries.


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