#DOTA2 Diary: Day 2


The bots are still proving to provide me with a decent challenge. I’m currently playing against Hard bots and I am usually able to win a match but I’m still having a lot of trouble getting my kill/death ratio the right way round.


It must be my playstyle but I just can’t seem to help dying a few more times than I am able to get kills.

I am also trying to get to grips with sensible timings of when to begin to move out from the early lane stage and begin roaming the map. I keep finding myself too engrossed with either last hitting in lane or jungling when I should probably be roaming to try to get some more kills.

I’ve had a definite focus on jungling lately which feels like a dramatically different game. I enjoy the timings of the jungle and the management that comes with it. Stacking creeps and leading then into the lane to avoid a lane pushing too far is a fantastic mechanic. But it’s things like this that have often meant I’ll try be focused on the jungle 18 minutes into a game. Analysing my games by writing this is definitely helping me to find ways to improve.

I had some problems with my Internet connection last night, hence the bot matches so hopefully soon I’ll attempt some more online matches and sorry or some of my previous problems.

I’ve mainly been playing as Ursa, Lycan and Bloodseeker.


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