10 things we love about the Great British Bake Off


Great British Bake Off

I’m a HUGE fan of the Great British Bake Off and series 5 begins tonight, here are 10 things I’m already excited for.

1 Meeting The Bakers
Every year the GBBO (Great British Bake Off) provides us with a wonderful array of bakers to enjoy. These amateurs all share a wonderful passion for baking that the show always does a great job of communicating to the TV audience.

2 Picking Out Favourites
As lovely as all the Bakers are you can guarantee that by the end of the first episode everyone watching will have already chosen their favourites to win the series.

3 Mary Berry
Need I say more?

4 The Technical Challenges
This will be the 5th series of the GBBO and every year the technical challenges have gotten harder. What on Earth will Paul and Mary have in store for the Bakers this year?

5 Mel and Sue
The outstanding presenters of the GBBO are back this year with more cheeky comments and educational, historical lessons about the roots of all things baking.

6 The Tears
Tears you say? In a baking competition? You betcha! But who will become overwhelmed this year and why?

7 The Muck Ups
Every year we’ve been treated to some wonderful mistakes by the bakers. Love them as we do it is very entertaining to watch it occasionally go wrong. Dropping cakes, forgetting the eggs and even mixing up the sugar for the salt; what muck ups will we watch through our fingers this year?

8 The Showstopper Challenges
This is always a wonderful opportunity to have your mind blown by just how incredibly creative the contestants are. It’s also a great opportunity to sit and comment on how you’re going to try that and never ever bother.

9 Paul Hollywood
What amazing comments will he praise and break our beloved bakers with this year?

10 Eating cake
Not that I’m sure you need one but the GBBO provides the perfect excuse to eat cake and inspires more and more people to get baking.

The fifth series of the Great British Bake Off starts at 8pm on BBC One.

What are you looking forward to in this year’s Bake Off? Comment below.


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