DOTA Diary: Day 1


Tonight I bravely had another go at playing DOTA 2 online following a lot of games against bots.  I really didn’t expect much as I still felt grossly unprepared for the chaos that any DOTA game can bring but as hopefully you can see from the score tables below I was able to get in a couple of wins.

It may well be cheeky but these (unfortunately) were not the only games that I played this evening, but as is my nature I’m going to focus on the positives – the victories.

Both Death Prophet and Lich seemed to suit my play style.  In particular I had a lot of fun using Lich’s ultimate to take down large groups of the opposing team all at once, or at least push them back down there lane.  I’ve been on the receiving end of it a number of times and know the whole team panic, desperately trying to split up to lessen it’s effects.

I’ve still got a long way to go to continue to improve my kill/death and my win/lose ratios.  I seemed to get killed a hell of a lot!  I often come away feeling like the opposing team is picking on me.  I guess I better get some more bot games in and then prepare for some online shenanigans again sometime soon.dota1.1 dota1.2


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