The Prodigal Cat Returns


Below are photos of our cat, Boris (female, don’t ask). She left us shortly after O was born.

Around Christmas 2012 we received a phonecall from a local cat shelter saying that they had been contacted by an elderly gentleman locally who had befriended our cat. They painted a picture of a lovely individual who had found company and friendship during the festive season from our friend Boris so we agreed to allow her to stay.

The following year we had several visits from Boris but as of lunchtime today it had probably been 6 months since we had seen her. Just this weekend we had lamented the loss of her and how O would now really appreciate hey visits now.

We just got home this afternoon to find her on the patio waiting for us. O was very, very excited and can still be heard saying “Bowis, Bowis” around the house.





Incidentally we had just got home from seeing this…


Maybe it’s scent was still lingering on O.


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